al-A’laa (The Most High)



Reciting the 99 names of Allah is great a way to start our day successfully.. We all can easily take out a bit of time from our daily businesses and make everyday a blissful day. We should remember The Most High, Al A’laa with all the concentration of our heart.

Al A’laa – The Most High

Al A’laa is one of the 99 beautiful names of Allah. Al A’laa means the most high, the exalted; the one who is clear from the attributes of the creatures.
This beautiful name is used in the glorious Quran several times as “Exalted, truly great” and “Exalted, tremendous”.
The 87th Surah starts with the verse:

“Glorify the name of your Lord, Al A’laa”
[ Surah Al A’laa, 87:1]

Human beings often have many things that are unknown to others. People are either unable to see them or cannot comprehend them. In Surah Al Alaa Allah reminds us that He is the one who knows about each and everything. He knows all the secrets and all that is yet to be revealed. By reciting this beautiful and truly amazing Surah we can learn about the meaning of the glorious name: Al A’laa. It is the most recited Surah in Jummah prayers as well as Witr prayers.

Absolute Supremacy of Al A’laa

Allah Almighty has absolute power in every concept above all. Only He is the one who holds the absolute majestic position. Only He has the absolute domination in this universe. His authority is supreme and nobody or nothing can reach even close to it. He shares it with no one and His attributes are comparable to none. Almighty Allah is the most high in His creation and everything and everyone is under His complete authority and control.
Reciting Al A’laa keeps one conscious of the fact that there is a Master controlling this whole universe; the One that keeps all things going and everything that happens. Everything happens by His will and commands. Our website is an informative platform to explore about the grandeur of the magnificent 99 names of Allah. Explore the world of peace and tranquility with these superb names of Allah Almighty and enjoy your life.

“Glorify the Name of your Lord, al-A’laa.”
Sooratul-A’laa [87:1]

Exemplary principles concerning the beautiful names of Allaah.
Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen D. 1421 H
Translated by Moosaa Richardson
Revised 2nd Edition with additional commentary.