At-Taw-waab – The Acceptor of Repentance


At-Taw-waab For Those Who Seek It

“Verily, He is at-Taw-waab, the Ever-Merciful.”
Sooratul-Baqarah [2:37]
Exemplary principles concerning the beautiful names of Allaah.
Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen D. 1421 H
Translated by Moosaa Richardson
Revised 2nd Edition with additional commentary.

We all commit countless mistakes and sins in our life. The difference is that some commit more while some commit less, and realize it. We all are imperfect in some way. Our religion Islam has given us the code of conduct to live this life. We must abide by the teachings of our religion. Sometimes we get distracted and commit sin (intentionally or unintentionally). If we recall the 99 Names of Allah we will come to know that He is at-Taw-waab (The Acceptor of Repentance); He forgives the one, who seeks His forgiveness.

Allah – The Most Merciful

It is a natural thing that after doing something bad, human conscience alerts us through a sense of guilt. It makes us embarrassed on our wrong doing. We feel sorry on whatever we did. In such a situation we turn to Allah Almighty and ask for His help.

Repentance From At-Taw-waab Is The Only Way

For instance, if we postpone our prayers because of negligence or prioritizing some other thing over prayers, we might miss the time of prayer. When that particular situation is over, we realize what we have done. It makes us feel s. ALLAH is At-Taw-waab which means The Acceptor of Repentance. He loves His creation, and forgives them on their guilt.

“O MY servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful”.
Surah Az-Zumar (39: 53)

Repentance from at-Taw-waab is the only way of leading a peaceful life in this world and the next.

Help Yourself Through The 99 Names of Allah

So what’s the point in not repenting? Allah Glorified is ready to forgive for whatever you have done? We have indulged ourselves in so many other things that often we forget the purpose of our existence. The 99 Names of Allah give us much better understanding to know Allah and remember Him. Buy our digital frame that contains the 99 Names of Allah which will always remind you of Him.