As-Sayyid – The Master – 99 Names of Allah


A mother is the first and the best master of a child at home. She is the one who teaches the child how to talk, how to eat, how to walk and do pretty much everything in life. The mother always keeps an eye on him. She also fulfills all the needs of her child. The child always seeks her help in every situation, as she is the only master at home. But when the child goes to the outside world, she cannot keep an eye on the child. The child is on his or her own self outside the home, and needs As-Sayyid (The Master) for guidance.

Who Is The Real Master?

When you grow up, you came across several other people in your life that can influence you. There is no best master who takes proper care of you, teaches you and guides you in the right direction. There is only Allah who serves as the best Master and the light in every matter of life. He is the only one who teaches us what is right and wrong and how to handle any situation.  He is the only One who teaches you the morals to follow throughout the life. So, you should recognize Him as the ultimate Master and seek His guidance in every matter of life.

Allah, The Ultimate As-Sayyid

Among the 99 names of Allah, this name “As Say-yid” which means ‘The Master’. It is established in the Sunnah:

he went with a delegation of Banu `Amir to the prophet of Allah (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam) and we said (to him): “You are our Sayyid (Master).” He (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam) replied : “As-Sayyid ( The Master ) is Allah, the Best and Exalted .”

As in the sunan of Abu Daawud, and authenticated by shaykh Albanee from the Hadith of Abdullaah ibn Shikhkheer (radhiyaAllahu anhu).

Others Names Of As-Sayyid

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