1. Please respect one and another.

2. Please no bad language.

3. Be Punctual in the class.

4. Giving your online studies the same importance you give to “live physical” classes.

5. Complete focus. One of the biggest challenges for online students is focusing during their lesson and not distracting themselves with chatting, browsing and reading websites.

6. Respecting your teacher. Respect for teachers is hard when you are not facing them. The student does not think about the time and effort the teacher put into preparing their lesson because it is online. Respect your teacher’s time and efforts.

7. Stay in contact with your teacher. This could be through emails, discussion forums or interacting in class. Do not record without permission. Students should take permission from their teacher about recording classes, even if they are not sharing it with others.

8. Have patience with what you already know. In a lesson you may get distracted if you are devaluing a particular part of the lesson. When your teacher covers something you’ve already learned, think of the benefit of repetition and be humble: you always need more knowledge. This repetition will only make you more grounded in what you already know.