Ash Shaafee – The Healer


It is a common practice observed by the people to seek the advice of medical professionals in case of illness. There are some people who try to cure themselves by taking medicines or following certain medical hacks. There are also some people who go to doctors for long treatments while others seek Ash Shaafee in the form of religious scholars or other unconventional means. Whatever way we adopted, we think that it’s the only solution that can heal our ailments.

Revert To The Healer 

But all these people get disappointed if they don’t get cured by the treatment they receive. This is because they didn’t recognize one of the powerful qualities of Allah in the 99 names of Allah, as He is the ultimate healer “Ash Shaafee”. So, before finding any medication from others, we must have firm faith in Allah. We must guide not only our family and friends, but also other Muslims to rely only on Allah, ‘The Healer’. When we rely only on Allah, He will put the healing power in the treatment and medicine that we are following to restore our health.

Allah, The Only Ash Shaafee

Allah is the ultimate healer as He created us from clay and water. If He has the power to create us then He has also the power to heal us from all the deadliest diseases as He does not create any disease without any cure. The Prophet (PBUH) also said:

“Allah has sent down the disease and the cure and has made for every disease the cure. So treat sickness, but do not use anything haram (forbidden thing)”.

Narrated by Abi Ad-Darda, reported in Abu Dawud

We All Need Ash Shaafee

Sooner or later, we have all gone through various illnesses in our lives that provoke us to identify Allah by one of the wonderful 99 names of Allah, such as Ash Shaafee – The Healer. It is only He who decrees us with certain diseases and if He wills He can also send the remedies. As soon as you consider Allah the biggest healer, He will always heal all your ailments with His mercy.

Other Names of Ash Shaafee

We all hear about miracles of healing which are in fact a sign among the 99 Names of Allah. You can also purchase a digital frame available on our website that contains all the other names of Ash Shaafee. This frame not only reminds other traits of Allah but also restores your strong belief in 99 names of Allah.