Ar-Raz-zaaq – The Ever Providing – 99 Names of Allah

Think about Ar-Raz-zaaq

It is human nature that we keep desiring for one thing after the other. Our endless desires never fade away. And in this way the circle continues. If we think about the blessings bestowed on us, we will find there are uncountable blessings on us by Allah Almighty. He describes Himself as Ar-Raz-zaaq – The Ever Providing. 99 names of Allah clearly define and describe who is the ever providing. Have you ever realized, how much He has blessed us and how ungrateful we can be to Him? Certainly most of us hardly realize this fact or ponder over it.

Attributes of Ar-Raz-zaaq

Take out some minutes from your busy routine and recall at least those things which you once thought that you needed the most. What happened then? Certainly Allah Almighty must have blessed you with that or blessed you with something superior. Allah is always Hearing His servants prayers. He is the Ever Providing. How can He leave His creation in distress?
Now think of the time when you felt lost. When you were feeling very down. You were in the need of spiritual peace and strength because of some problems. Then who provided the ray of light in your life? Who solved your problems? Give it a thought. Indeed there are signs for those who think. 99 names of Allah Almighty unfold many secrets. All the Names of Alaah leads to a better understanding of Allah Almighty.

“And in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised. Then by the Lord of the heaven and earth, indeed, it is truth – just as [sure as] it is that you are speaking.”
(Qur’an, 51:22-23)

Take a step

We all need to take a break from our daily life activities to be grateful to Allah. 99 names of Allah Almighty should be well-known to every Muslim. Read our blog to find out the beautiful blessings in each name of Allah Almighty.