Al Wakeel – The Guardian


Why we always feel so discontented from our life? We always tend to burden ourselves by worrying for different affairs of our life? Why we don’t have absolute faith in existence of Al Wakeel, The ultimate guardian who will protect us?
The answers to these questions are that we lack our belief in Allah as our Only Guardian. We always feel tensed whenever we go through some trouble. Whenever we are feeling sick and we try some treatment, but don’t recover from it. In exams, if we tried our best, but when the result comes it does not fulfill our expectations. While travelling, if we lost our train or a bus.

Believe Whole-Heartedly in Al Wakeel

All these everyday situations and many others bring disappointments in our hearts and lower our self-esteem. The main reason behind our disappointments is that we don’t believe that Allah keeps an eye on all our affairs; we don’t have absolute faith that He possesses the attributes discussed in the 99 Names of Allah. He is the only One who has the knowledge to guard His people from every situation.

Only Allah Deserves To Be Called Al Wakeel

Allah made sure by letting us know His attribute Al-Wakeel that we should do our best to get the work done. After that we should leave all our matters to Him because He is the only one who knows better and He is the Greatest, One of His Names is Al Wakeel ‘The Guardian’. We should know that He has something better for us in store even if our wishes do not get fulfilled.

Trust Allah As Al Wakeel

Allah, Al Wakeel, has no partner. He is The Only Guardian of all the things in the universe and beyond. Everything that exists in this universe and the hereafter is guarded by Allah, whether it is visible or invisible. Only Al Wakeel has the power and wisdom to control all things and guard them from all complexities.
“Allah is the Creator of everything, and He is a Wakeel over all things.”
Surah Zumar [39:62]

Learn All Names Of Allah

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