Al Qareeb – The Close One


Do you feel discontented?
Are you always wishing for what you see in people’s lives?
Do you think life is unfair to you?
Do you wish that troubles of your life will go away?

‘Al Qareeb’ (The Close One) Answer to all or most of these questions is affirmative for people who are far from religion. Islam gives us comfort and makes us satisfied for what we have in life. It preaches us to be thankful for Allah’s blessings and keep sharing them with the less fortunate ones around us.
No one has a smooth life track; even people who seem to be very content from a distance have had their fair share of troubles in the present or past of their life. If you observe anyone closely, you will realize that their life has some other form of difficulties and they are going through different challenges.

Strong Bond With Al Qareeb

People who do not have a strong bond with Allah tend to be discontent in this life. If you wish to get rid of the restlessness, unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your life, you need to turn to Allah and put your case before Him. Our beloved Lord has said in His Holy Book Al Quran:

 “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.”
Surat Al-A’raf 7:180

Al Qareeb – The Closest One To Us

One of the splendid names of Allah is ‘Al Qareeb’ which means that He is “The Close One”; Allah has the ability to be the closest to each and every one of us and become our best friend. A steadfast Muslim needs to have faith in this verse of Quran:
“Verily my Lord is Qareeb, Ever Responding”
Surat Hood 11:61

Feel Al Qareeb Closest To You

If you want to have a content mind, peaceful heart and satisfied soul, you need to mindful of Allah – Al Qareeb as the closest one to you. Once you have faith in the fact that Allah is your best friend as is the closest to you, He will never let anything unjust happen to you, you will feel all peaceful inside.

Other Traits of Al Qareeb

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