Al Muhsin – The One Who Does Things Perfectly


Praise Al Muhsin

The aim of every person in life should be to know about the Creator. He has provided us with everything for guidance. Our aim should be to develop a deep understanding of Him. 99 names of Allah is a quick way to know about Him, His Powers and His blessings. Everything we witness in our daily life shows the level of perfection of the Creator. Allah is undoubtedly, Al Muhsin The One Who does things perfectly.

Indications of Al Muhsin

Most of the times, we make plans regarding our future. Even we make plans for the slightest things we want to do in our daily life. But sometimes in spite of our utmost desire to do something, we find that we are unable to achieve our goal. We feel really helpless and assume that every difficulty comes in our way. However that is not the case. There are our plans and there are His plans. And His plans are far better than ours. Because He knows everything and we know not.
For the time being we become frustrated. But with the passage of time, we realize that things happen only when Allah wants it to happen. That’s how perfect He makes everything. He is Al Muhsin. Apart from the plans, we see perfection of Allah Almighty in everything present in this world. The mountains, the stars, rivers, sky, turning of day and night and what not.

Say: “All favor is in Allah’s Hand, and He gives it to whoever He wills . Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. He picks out for His mercy whoever He wills. Allah’s favor is indeed immense. ” (Surah Al Imran, 3:73-74)

Learn 99 names of Allah

99 names of Allah Almighty is actually an amazing way to learn more about the powers of Allah. You can access our blog on the 99 names of Allah to get better understanding. And in addition to this, you can have your digital frame of the 99 names of Allah as a reminder.