Al Ahad – The One



As we are Muslims, we believe that reciting and repeating the 99 names of Almighty Allah is very beneficial for us. It helps one to increase their faith in Allah who is Al Ahad. Having firm belief in The One and Only will clear uncertainties and doubts from our hearts.

Al Ahad – The One

He is, and has always been One, without anyone else with Him. Allah is unique and there is no one like Him. He is unique in His attributes, He is the only One who deserves to be worshiped all Alone. Almighty Allah has created this whole universe on His own without anyone’s help. Also, He has no partner and nor does He depend on anyone else.
He is the one who is incomparable. Al Ahad is refer to the Only One. Allah Almighty has himself declared in the magnificent Holy Quran that there is no divine entity except Him. Allah Almighty has mentioned in Surah Ar-Ra’d:

“He is the One, the supreme and irresistible”

Essence of Islam – Oneness of Allah

In Surah Al-Ikhlaas it is stated:

“Say, ‘He is Allah, the One and Only.’”

This Surah is referred as one-third of Quran, and the reason being that almost one third of Quran deals with the of oneness of Allah. The uniqueness of Allah has been repeated throughout the Holy Quran, over and over again. Allah states in His Holy Book that He can forgive all the sins except holding someone as His partner or equal to Him. Reciting the Holy Names of Allah soothes our souls.
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“Say: He is Allaah, al-Ahad.”
Sooratul-Ikhlaas [112:1]
Exemplary principles concerning the beautiful names of Allaah.
Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih Al-‘Uthaymeen D. 1421 H
Translated by Moosaa Richardson
Revised 2nd Edition with additional commentary.