Al-Aakhir – The Last


We all have been witnessing the passing of different stages of life. From being a child to youth, and from maturity to old age. People come and go, leaving behind their memories. Every living creature is going to be dead in the end. The question is from where they came and to where did they go? On learning the 99 names of Allah, we will come to know that He is Al-Aakhir (The Last). The life of this world is temporary, and we all shall return to Al-Aakhir (The Last) who will give His final judgement based on our acts in this world.

Bonding with Al-Aakhir

We need to build strong relationship with Allah Almighty. For this purpose we must take out some time from our busy routines to pray. This is the duty of parents to teach their children Islam from the beginning. Something you can add when teaching Islam is to teach them the 99 names of Allah and let them know about the beautiful attributes of Allah. Everything in this world has an end. But Allah is Al-Aakhir, means the Last. He will remain always and forever. We all should remember this thing, only then we can restrain ourselves from bad deeds. Often the name Al-Aakhir is used with Al-Aw-wal, to show that He is the first and He is the Last.

He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, and He is the Knower of all things.
(Quran 57:3)

Allah – The Last One

It is also a blessing that Allah Almighty gives us a chance to repent on our wrong doings. It is a natural thing to have a feeling of guilt after committing sin. Allah waits for the call of tauba. Allah Almighty being Al-Aakhir has a never ending existence. Fear from Him and seek His mercy in every matter of your life.
Initiate the habit of learning the 99 names of Allah. It will help you in learning the beautiful names of Allah. In doing so, you can take help from different sources. For example you can read our blog of the 99 names of Allah.