Ar Rabb – The Lord – 99 Names of Allah

Ar Rabb The Lord

Knowing Ar Rabb

It is a human nature that with the passage of time he/she develops perception about things and people around them. When a baby is born, he/she starts to see and observe things. And with the passage of time, he/she come to know that the parents love their children more than anything. So they start asking their parents for anything they need. As the time passes, more relations like friends and cousins are recognized by them. But above all, we need to know Ar Rabb, our Lord. It has been clearly told in 99 names of Allah, that Allah is our lord, Ar Rabb.

Allah is Ar Rabb

All the 99 names of Allah show that there is no ultimate power but Allah. No supreme power of the world can be declared The Ultimate Lord but only Allah. Allah truly deserves to be called The Lord because He is the Lord of this world and all worlds beyond our earth. He solely owns the Heaven and beyond, skies and everything beyond them, our planet and everything beyond it. He owns everything He created.

Ar Rabb Is The True Lord

Our Lord is the closest to us. He not only created us but also provided all the necessities for our living. We should be grateful to Him for all His blessings, and remember Him as much as you can. One great way in rembering Allah is by learning the 99 names of Allah.

On the authority of ‘Amr Ibn ‘Abasah (may Allaah be pleased with him), the Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) said:

“The time when ar-Rabb is closest to the servant is deep in the last part of the night. So if you are able to be amongst those who remember Allaah at that time, then do so.”
Saheeh Sunan at-Tirmithee (3579)

Praise Your Lord

The blog of 99 names of Allah will be very helpful in developing a deep understanding of  the names of Allah. We should develop a habit of recalling 99 names of Allah on daily basis.

Al Kareem – The Generous One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Kareem The Generous One

Generosity of Al Kareem

We all have set some aims in life. We always find ourselves wanting to achieve something in our lives. After the achievement of one thing we wish for another. This world is full of attractions, which keep us indulging in them. 99 names of Allah Almighty tell us about the powers of the Creator. Allah is Al Kareem, Who has bestowed countless blessings on us. We need to think about The Generous Creator Allah in order to get closer to Him. The learning process never ends, as we will pay attention to all of the 99 names of Allah, we will explore more about Him.

Al Kareem – Blessing All The Time

Have you ever thought that there is a Creator, who is watching you all the time? Who is hearing you all the time? Who knows about your feelings? Who gives you and who forgives you? These all are important questions to consider. Allah Almighty is the most generous one. When you pray to Him, He surely hears you. Allah Almighty is the most beneficent. Recall any hard time of your life and think how He provided you ease and made you stronger.

If we start counting His blessings, we can never reach the end of that count. Even when a person commits sin and repents, Allah Almighty instead of punishing forgives him or her. He waits for the individuals to repent. He loves His creation seventy times more than a mother loves her child.

We even can’t imagine how Kareem He is.
“I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you.” And when [Solomon] saw it placed before him, he said, “This is from the favor of my Lord to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful – his gratitude is only for [the benefit of] himself. And whoever is ungrateful – then indeed, my Lord (Allah) is Free of need and is Generous.”
(Surah Naml 27:40)

Start learning

The blog 99 names of Allah is to learn and understand more about Allaah . Read this blog and develop deep a understanding. Digital frame of 99 names of Allah is also available. You can purchase it from us. Initiate the learning process now because it is never too late.

Ar-Raz-zaaq – The Ever Providing – 99 Names of Allah

Ar-Raz-zaaq The Ever Providing

Think about Ar-Raz-zaaq

It is human nature that we keep desiring for one thing after the other. Our endless desires never fade away. And in this way the circle continues. If we think about the blessings bestowed on us, we will find there are uncountable blessings on us by Allah Almighty. He describes Himself as Ar-Raz-zaaq – The Ever Providing. 99 names of Allah clearly define and describe who is the ever providing. Have you ever realized, how much He has blessed us and how ungrateful we can be to Him? Certainly most of us hardly realize this fact or ponder over it.

Attributes of Ar-Raz-zaaq

Take out some minutes from your busy routine and recall at least those things which you once thought that you needed the most. What happened then? Certainly Allah Almighty must have blessed you with that or blessed you with something superior. Allah is always Hearing His servants prayers. He is the Ever Providing. How can He leave His creation in distress?

Now think of the time when you felt lost. When you were feeling very down. You were in the need of spiritual peace and strength because of some problems. Then who provided the ray of light in your life? Who solved your problems? Give it a thought. Indeed there are signs for those who think. 99 names of Allah Almighty unfold many secrets. All the Names of Alaah leads to a better understanding of Allah Almighty.

“And in the heaven is your provision and whatever you are promised. Then by the Lord of the heaven and earth, indeed, it is truth – just as [sure as] it is that you are speaking.”
(Qur’an, 51:22-23)

Take a step

We all need to take a break from our daily life activities to be grateful to Allah. 99 names of Allah Almighty should be well-known to every Muslim. Read our blog to find out the beautiful blessings in each name of Allah Almighty.

Al Muhsin – The One Who Does Things Perfectly

Al Muhsin The One Who Does Things Perfectly

Praise Al Muhsin

The aim of every person in life should be to know about the Creator. He has provided us with everything for guidance. Our aim should be to develop a deep understanding of Him. 99 names of Allah is a quick way to know about Him, His Powers and His blessings. Everything we witness in our daily life shows the level of perfection of the Creator. Allah is undoubtedly, Al Muhsin The One Who does things perfectly.

Indications of Al Muhsin

Most of the times, we make plans regarding our future. Even we make plans for the slightest things we want to do in our daily life. But sometimes in spite of our utmost desire to do something, we find that we are unable to achieve our goal. We feel really helpless and assume that every difficulty comes in our way. However that is not the case. There are our plans and there are His plans. And His plans are far better than ours. Because He knows everything and we know not.

For the time being we become frustrated. But with the passage of time, we realize that things happen only when Allah wants it to happen. That’s how perfect He makes everything. He is Al Muhsin. Apart from the plans, we see perfection of Allah Almighty in everything present in this world. The mountains, the stars, rivers, sky, turning of day and night and what not.

Say: “All favor is in Allah’s Hand, and He gives it to whoever He wills . Allah is All-Encompassing, All-Knowing. He picks out for His mercy whoever He wills. Allah’s favor is indeed immense. ” (Surah Al Imran, 3:73-74)

Learn 99 names of Allah

99 names of Allah Almighty is actually an amazing way to learn more about the powers of Allah. You can access our blog on the 99 names of Allah to get better understanding. And in addition to this, you can have your digital frame of the 99 names of Allah as a reminder.

As Salaam – The Flawless One – 99 Names of Allah

As Salaam The Flawless One

As Salaam – The Flawless One

We observe in our daily life that there is nothing perfect. With the passage of time we become mature in our thinking and actions. But despite of this fact, there are several mistakes that we make in our daily life. Hence over the experience of years, we develop the thinking that nobody is perfect. Our religion has given us the gift of 99 names of Allah. By reading these Names and their meanings we can develop a deep understanding of Allah. One of the Names among the 99 Names of Allah is As Salaam which means “The Flawless One”.

Description of As Salaam

99 Names of Allah highlight the powers of Allah. We have been taught since childhood that there is no ruling power but Allah. He is the one who turns day into night and night into day. He is the one who has built everything very precisely. There is nothing in His creation which is useless. There is a purpose of existence behind everything. Allah is the flawless one. He is capable of doing everything with perfection. No doubt He is the Master of everything.

“(He is) the King, the Holy One, as-Salaam, the Granter of Security,
the Watchful Witness, the All-Mighty, the Compelling One, the Justly Proud.”
Surah Hashr [59:23]

We all know that every name in 99 names of Allah describes Him amazingly. There is no doubt about it that He is the most Beneficent and Merciful. When you observe natural phenomena and nature around yourself, you will get to know how perfect everything is. Things are beyond your thinking and reasoning. Allah makes everything perfect and flawless.

Follow teachings of Islam

Learning 99 names of Allah is a way of becoming closer to Allah Almighty. Because by remembering these Names it will make you more mindful of Allah in our minds and hearts. We have involved ourselves so much in routine tasks that we have forgotten our religious obligations. This is due to the fact that we have not developed a deep understanding of Allah Almighty. Help yourself by reading our blog on the 99 names of Allah.

As Samee – The all Hearing – 99 Names of Allah

As Samee The All Hearing

Allah – The All Hearing

There are different sort of problems in everybody’s life. All human beings at one point of the time or the other feel helpless. There comes a moment when we don’t want to tell anybody about how we are feeling except Allah. Because we know that there is nothing impossible for Him and He can take us out from every problem. To tell all the human beings, that their Creator is always As Samee – The All Hearing, He has indicated it in the 99 names of Allah.

Pray to As Samee

Let us look at our daily routine. We wake up and perform the daily tasks which are the part of our routine. The students go to institutions, the employees go to their jobs and some remain busy due to house chores. That’s the way the day starts and ends doing and finishing daily life activities. Life is not always as smooth as we think.
Suddenly when we face some problem we feel helpless. We feel like there is no escape from the problems. Then we recall our Creator and pray to Him. This is often the time we make a call to Him. Allah Almighty has already mentioned in 99 names of Allah that He is As Samee.

Remember Allah In Every Situation

Call Him, He is listening even if you are not calling Him. He knows very well what’s going on in your heart and mind. He responds to the one who is calling Him if He likes as He is al-Mujeeb (The Ever-Responding One). Whenever you are having good days in life don’t be proud of yourself and ungrateful as He is hearing you all the time. Be very cautious about the words you use and remember the 99 names of Allah Almighty.

“Certainly those who argue about the Signs of Allah without any authority having come to them have nothing in their hearts except pride, which they will never be able to vindicate. Therefore seek refuge with Allah. He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.”
(Surah Ghafir, 40:56)

Make your habit to learn the 99 names of Allah Almighty. You can take help from our blog. And you can also purchase a digital picture frame of the 99 names of Allah available for your help.

Al-Barr – The Beneficent One – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Barr The Beneficent One

Allah the Beneficent One in all cases

We, as humans, at one point in time or another feel emotional stress and break down. Nobody ever faces only the happy moments in life. There are some problems in everyone’s life, caused by other people or tough situations in life. We are getting so much away from the teachings of Islam, that we have lost the peace element in our life. The 99 names of Allah Almighty helps us in remembering the attributes of Allah. If we will learn that there is always a good natural reason, for everything that happens, it will strengthen our faith with Him. He is the Beneficent One, Al-Barr.

Al-Barr – For The Whole Creation

Allah Almighty has better plans for us, He is the Beneficent One. If He intends to bless you with something, there is no power who can stop Him from that. And ask yourself why not, He will bless you with the better? After all, He loves His creation seventy times more than a mother. Just think that if your mother was asked to write your fate, it was going to be all in your favor. And when Allah Almighty loves you seventy times more than your mother, then just imagine how much perfect His plans would be.

“Surely we called upon Him before: Surely He is the Benign One, the Merciful”
(Qur’an, 52:28)

Strengthen your Faith on Him

If we will make the habit of recalling the 99 names of Allah on a regular basis, He will grant our hearts the feeling of peace and contentment Insha Allah. If we have problems or no problems in our life remember Allah it’s the best thing you will ever do in this life and the hereafter, so remember Allah so He remembers you. You can always read our blog about the 99 names of Allah. And you can also buy a digital frame of the 99 names of Allah. We are just trying to make some effort in bringing you close to Allah by you remembering Him as much as you can. Indeed there is no help but from Allah. You will find Him helping you out in every situation Insha Allah, just do your best to remember Allah and put your trust in Allah in all that you do in life.

Al-Aakhir – The Last – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Aakhir The Last

We all have been witnessing the passing of different stages of life. From being a child to youth, and from maturity to old age. People come and go, leaving behind their memories. Every living creature is going to be dead in the end. The question is from where they came and to where did they go? On learning the 99 names of Allah, we will come to know that He is Al-Aakhir (The Last). The life of this world is temporary, and we all shall return to Al-Aakhir (The Last) who will give His final judgement based on our acts in this world.

Bonding with Al-Aakhir

We need to build strong relationship with Allah Almighty. For this purpose we must take out some time from our busy routines to pray. This is the duty of parents to teach their children Islam from the beginning. Something you can add when teaching Islam is to teach them the 99 names of Allah and let them know about the beautiful attributes of Allah. Everything in this world has an end. But Allah is Al-Aakhir, means the Last. He will remain always and forever. We all should remember this thing, only then we can restrain ourselves from bad deeds. Often the name Al-Aakhir is used with Al-Aw-wal, to show that He is the first and He is the Last.

He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, and He is the Knower of all things.

(Quran 57:3)

Allah – The Last One

It is also a blessing that Allah Almighty gives us a chance to repent on our wrong doings. It is a natural thing to have a feeling of guilt after committing sin. Allah waits for the call of tauba. Allah Almighty being Al-Aakhir has a never ending existence. Fear from Him and seek His mercy in every matter of your life.
Initiate the habit of learning the 99 names of Allah. It will help you in learning the beautiful names of Allah. In doing so, you can take help from different sources. For example you can read our blog of the 99 names of Allah.

Al-Mu’akh-khir – Who Delays Things Wisely – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Mu’akh-khir The One Who Delays Things Wisely

You might have gone through such situations in life, when you plan something and something else happened despite of your utmost desire. As a result of this, we become ungrateful, without knowing the fact that He is Al-Mu’akh-khir which means He is the one who delays things wisely.

There is a good natural reason for everything that happens. How can we know what is best for us? The One who created us, indeed has His own plans to grant the best at the perfect time. Instead of waiting and thanking Him, we become impatient.

Al-Mu’akh-khir Delays Things Wisely

Al-Mu’akh-khir delays some of our wishes, to bring out something extraordinary for us. The 99 names of Allah prove that in addition to other qualities, Allah Almighty is Al-Mu’akh-khir. Our religion lays great stress on putting complete faith in Allah. He knows better than us, because we have very limited knowledge. He is so much gracious that He delays certain things instead of punishing His creation for their sins. In this way He gives them a chance to repent so that He can forgive them. He waits for the call of tauba from them, He does not punish them instantly.

Allah will forgive you of your sins and delay you for a specified term. Indeed, the time [set by] Allah, when it comes, will not be delayed, if you only knew.

(Surat Nuh 71:4)

Al-Mu’akh-khir – The Best Planner

This life is a series of test, you have to clear each test with faith on Allah. We, as Muslims, should learn the 99 names of Allah in order to strengthen our relationship with Him. We sometimes pray hard for something to happen, but that does not happen. After a specific period of time, we realize how perfect His timing is. And sometimes we pray for something and are blessed with something else, then we realize what we actually needed. Remind yourself of 99 names of Allah to get closer to Him. Grab your digital frame of the 99 names of Allah to serve as a reminder for you.

Al Mujeeb – The Ever Responding One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Mujeeb The Ever Responding One

Allah – The Ever Responding

Have you ever thought that how your previous problem was resolved? Most of us rarely give it a thought. Because we are so much indulged in our busy lives. But if you recall the 99 Names of Allah Almighty, you will recall Al Mujeeb meaning “The Ever Responding One”. It depicts that if you will seek for His assistance, He will surely respond to you. There is nothing that He cannot do for you. The problem we are facing is that we have forgotten the 99 Names of Allah, and as a result we are in distress.

Ask Assistance From Al Mujeeb

Sometimes when we are losing hope, we unfortunately start expecting help from people instead of Allah Almighty. When the reality of people is exposed, we turn our self to Allah for help. No doubt He is Al Mujeeb, The Ever Responding One. He is the one who loves His creation seventy times more than a mother. Then how can He leave you alone in any distress without showing you the path to get out of that trouble.

If you will call Him, He will respond to you. Learn the 99 Names of Allah to get a better understanding of qualities of your Lord, Al Mujeeb.

And when my slaves ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led right.
[Surah Al Baqrah: 186]

Live A Contented Life

If we adapt our self in such a way that for every need, no matter small or big, we turn our self to Allah Almighty, we will be successful in leading a contented life. We should believe that Allah is Al Mujeeb who will help us in our lives. Only having firm faith in Allah, Allah will then guide us towards the right path. You can purchase the digital frame of the 99 Names of Allah to make remembrance of Allah easier for you.