Al-Aakhir – The Last – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Aakhir The Last

We all have been witnessing the passing of different stages of life. From being a child to youth, and from maturity to old age. People come and go, leaving behind their memories. Every living creature is going to be dead in the end. The question is from where they came and to where did they go? On learning the 99 names of Allah, we will come to know that He is Al-Aakhir (The Last). The life of this world is temporary, and we all shall return to Al-Aakhir (The Last) who will give His final judgement based on our acts in this world.

Bonding with Al-Aakhir

We need to build strong relationship with Allah Almighty. For this purpose we must take out some time from our busy routines to pray. This is the duty of parents to teach their children Islam from the beginning. Something you can add when teaching Islam is to teach them the 99 names of Allah and let them know about the beautiful attributes of Allah. Everything in this world has an end. But Allah is Al-Aakhir, means the Last. He will remain always and forever. We all should remember this thing, only then we can restrain ourselves from bad deeds. Often the name Al-Aakhir is used with Al-Aw-wal, to show that He is the first and He is the Last.

He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, and He is the Knower of all things.

(Quran 57:3)

Allah – The Last One

It is also a blessing that Allah Almighty gives us a chance to repent on our wrong doings. It is a natural thing to have a feeling of guilt after committing sin. Allah waits for the call of tauba. Allah Almighty being Al-Aakhir has a never ending existence. Fear from Him and seek His mercy in every matter of your life.
Initiate the habit of learning the 99 names of Allah. It will help you in learning the beautiful names of Allah. In doing so, you can take help from different sources. For example you can read our blog of the 99 names of Allah.

Al-Mu’akh-khir – Who Delays Things Wisely – 99 Names of Allah

Al-Mu’akh-khir The One Who Delays Things Wisely

You might have gone through such situations in life, when you plan something and something else happened despite of your utmost desire. As a result of this, we become ungrateful, without knowing the fact that He is Al-Mu’akh-khir which means He is the one who delays things wisely.

There is a good natural reason for everything that happens. How can we know what is best for us? The One who created us, indeed has His own plans to grant the best at the perfect time. Instead of waiting and thanking Him, we become impatient.

Al-Mu’akh-khir Delays Things Wisely

Al-Mu’akh-khir delays some of our wishes, to bring out something extraordinary for us. The 99 names of Allah prove that in addition to other qualities, Allah Almighty is Al-Mu’akh-khir. Our religion lays great stress on putting complete faith in Allah. He knows better than us, because we have very limited knowledge. He is so much gracious that He delays certain things instead of punishing His creation for their sins. In this way He gives them a chance to repent so that He can forgive them. He waits for the call of tauba from them, He does not punish them instantly.

Allah will forgive you of your sins and delay you for a specified term. Indeed, the time [set by] Allah, when it comes, will not be delayed, if you only knew.

(Surat Nuh 71:4)

Al-Mu’akh-khir – The Best Planner

This life is a series of test, you have to clear each test with faith on Allah. We, as Muslims, should learn the 99 names of Allah in order to strengthen our relationship with Him. We sometimes pray hard for something to happen, but that does not happen. After a specific period of time, we realize how perfect His timing is. And sometimes we pray for something and are blessed with something else, then we realize what we actually needed. Remind yourself of 99 names of Allah to get closer to Him. Grab your digital frame of the 99 names of Allah to serve as a reminder for you.

Al Mujeeb – The Ever Responding One – 99 Names of Allah

Al Mujeeb The Ever Responding One

Allah – The Ever Responding

Have you ever thought that how your previous problem was resolved? Most of us rarely give it a thought. Because we are so much indulged in our busy lives. But if you recall the 99 Names of Allah Almighty, you will recall Al Mujeeb meaning “The Ever Responding One”. It depicts that if you will seek for His assistance, He will surely respond to you. There is nothing that He cannot do for you. The problem we are facing is that we have forgotten the 99 Names of Allah, and as a result we are in distress.

Ask Assistance From Al Mujeeb

Sometimes when we are losing hope, we unfortunately start expecting help from people instead of Allah Almighty. When the reality of people is exposed, we turn our self to Allah for help. No doubt He is Al Mujeeb, The Ever Responding One. He is the one who loves His creation seventy times more than a mother. Then how can He leave you alone in any distress without showing you the path to get out of that trouble.

If you will call Him, He will respond to you. Learn the 99 Names of Allah to get a better understanding of qualities of your Lord, Al Mujeeb.

And when my slaves ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led right.
[Surah Al Baqrah: 186]

Live A Contented Life

If we adapt our self in such a way that for every need, no matter small or big, we turn our self to Allah Almighty, we will be successful in leading a contented life. We should believe that Allah is Al Mujeeb who will help us in our lives. Only having firm faith in Allah, Allah will then guide us towards the right path. You can purchase the digital frame of the 99 Names of Allah to make remembrance of Allah easier for you.

Al Baseer – The All Seeing – 99 Names of Allah

Al Baseer The All Seeing

Make Yourself Conscious About Al Baseer

Everyone has a desire to live a good life with respect. Sometimes due to unwanted situations, we get distracted from what our religion has taught us. We assume that none is watching over us, so we stray from the right path secretly. As a result of doing a wrong act one time, sometimes we make ourselves accustomed to such activities. This behavior leads to the anger of Allah Almighty. Besides this, wrong doings hurt others and bring injustice in the society. When you will recall the 99 Names of Allah, you will remind yourself that your every act is being watched by Him, because He is Al Baseer, which means: “The All Seeing”.

Realization of Al Baseer

Each and everyone of us constantly needs to remind ourselves that even when we do something secretly, Al Baseer is watching us and we will be accountable to Him one day. Only then, we will be successful in restraining ourselves from wrong deeds.
You can take the example of rulers of any country. Whatever they do being in power, it must be for the well-being of their people. But we often observe that it is seldom the case. If they think that they are not accountable to anyone being in power, and local people will not know their secret activities, then they should recall the 99 names of Allah Almighty. They will find Him Al Baseer, The All Seeing.

Al Baseer Is Watching Us

We all need to realize this fact by remembering all the 99 Names of Allah. He is aware of every single thought that crosses our minds. The sense of realization will generate guilt in you about your wrong doings. As a result, you will seek His forgiveness.

[He is] Creator of the heavens and the earth. He has made for you from yourselves, mates, and among the cattle, mates; He multiplies you thereby. There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.
Surah Ash-Shuraá (42:11)

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At-Taw-waab – The Acceptor of Repentance – 99 Names of Allah

At-Taw-waab The Acceptor Of Repentance

At-Taw-waab For Those Who Seek It

We all commit countless mistakes and sins in our life. The difference is that some commit more while some commit less, and realize it. We all are imperfect in some way. Our religion Islam has given us the code of conduct to live this life. We must abide by the teachings of our religion. Sometimes we get distracted and commit sin (intentionally or unintentionally). If we recall the 99 Names of Allah we will come to know that He is at-Taw-waab (The Acceptor of Repentance); He forgives the one, who seeks His forgiveness.

Allah – The Most Merciful

It is a natural thing that after doing something bad, human conscience alerts us through a sense of guilt. It makes us embarrassed on our wrong doing. We feel sorry on whatever we did. In such a situation we turn to Allah Almighty and ask for His help.

Repentance From At-Taw-waab Is The Only Way

For instance, if we postpone our prayers because of negligence or prioritizing some other thing over prayers, we might miss the time of prayer. When that particular situation is over, we realize what we have done. It makes us feel s. ALLAH is At-Taw-waab which means The Acceptor of Repentance. He loves His creation, and forgives them on their guilt.

“O MY servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful”.
Surah Az-Zumar (39: 53)

Repentance from at-Taw-waab is the only way of leading a peaceful life in this world and the next.

Help Yourself Through The 99 Names of Allah

So what’s the point in not repenting? Allah Glorified is ready to forgive for whatever you have done? We have indulged ourselves in so many other things that often we forget the purpose of our existence. The 99 Names of Allah give us much better understanding to know Allah and remember Him. Buy our digital frame that contains the 99 Names of Allah which will always remind you of Him.

Al Wakeel – The Guardian – 99 Names of Allah

Al Wakeel The Guardian

Why we always feel so discontented from our life? We always tend to burden ourselves by worrying for different affairs of our life? Why we don’t have absolute faith in existence of Al Wakeel, The ultimate guardian who will protect us?
The answers to these questions are that we lack our belief in Allah as our Only Guardian. We always feel tensed whenever we go through some trouble. Whenever we are feeling sick and we try some treatment, but don’t recover from it. In exams, if we tried our best, but when the result comes it does not fulfill our expectations. While travelling, if we lost our train or a bus.


Believe Whole-Heartedly in Al Wakeel

All these everyday situations and many others bring disappointments in our hearts and lower our self-esteem. The main reason behind our disappointments is that we don’t believe that Allah keeps an eye on all our affairs; we don’t have absolute faith that He possesses the attributes discussed in the 99 Names of Allah. He is the only One who has the knowledge to guard His people from every situation.


Only Allah Deserves To Be Called Al Wakeel

Allah made sure by letting us know His attribute Al-Wakeel that we should do our best to get the work done. After that we should leave all our matters to Him because He is the only one who knows better and He is the Greatest, One of His Names is Al Wakeel ‘The Guardian’. We should know that He has something better for us in store even if our wishes do not get fulfilled.

Trust Allah As Al Wakeel

Allah, Al Wakeel, has no partner. He is The Only Guardian of all the things in the universe and beyond. Everything that exists in this universe and the hereafter is guarded by Allah, whether it is visible or invisible. Only Al Wakeel has the power and wisdom to control all things and guard them from all complexities.

“Allah is the Creator of everything, and He is a Wakeel over all things.”
Surah Zumar [39:62]

Learn All Names Of Allah

If you want to increase your faith in Allah, then you have to learn all the 99 Names of Allah, their meaning and also their importance in our lives. All the 99 Names of Allah along with their attributes are mentioned in detail on our website. So, don’t forget to visit our website and boost your belief in 99 Names of Allah in all aspects of life.

Ar Rahmaan – The All Merciful – 99 Names of Allah

Ar-Rahmaan The All Merciful

All Muslims have a strong belief that the Names of Allah have innumerable benefits. If you recite these names on a daily basis then you will be surely away from depression and frustration. 99 Names of Allah will also give you protection, good health and comfort. We should develop a habit of reciting the incredible Names of Allah (like Ar-Rahmaan) in morning and evening to refresh our hearts and souls.

The All Merciful Allah

As Allah is The Creator of all human beings that’s why He gives His mercy to people. He is the One and only who may be called ‘Ar-Rahmaan’, meaning “The All Merciful”. All the creatures of Allah need to be more mindful and depend only on Allah for His mercy and blessings.

Compassion of Ar-Rahmaan for mankind

It is obvious that your mom loves you so much and she also has mercy for you from the day of birth till the day of death. Allah is the one who gives us countless blessings and gives us mercy and loves us more than the love of seventy mothers.

Allah says in the Holy Book:
“Call upon Allah or call upon the AR-RAHMAAN. Whichever [name] you call – to Him belong the best names.”
Surat Isra: 110

Why We Need Allah’s Quality Ar-Rahmaan

As humans, we all make mistakes; unless we have Allah’s mercy on us. It is due to Allah’s mercy of forgiving our sins that He doesn’t punish us right away for our sins. It is also due to Ar Rahmaan’s Merciful attribute that He protects us from many harmful things. Allah’s mercy on us guides us towards His compassion and the right path. 99 Names of Allah are indeed a blessing for us.

Learn with us

If you want to have maximum and innumerable blessings of Allah then you should recite ninety nine names of Allah on a daily basis. You will certainly observe a change in your life. If you want to learn these beautiful names in a new way then visit our website. You can also share your stories of how these names changed your life, or brought about a positive change in your life.

Al Khaaliq – The Creator – 99 Names of Allah

Al Khaaliq The Creator

The Need To Know Al Khaaliq

As a child grows, the quest for existence and finding the Creator emerges in him/her. Moreover there comes many moments in life when one is compelled to think about The Creator. Science provides a reason for the existence of everything. Apart from human inventions, there are countless things beyond the thinking of human mind. We know that those are the creations of Al Khaaliq, Allah Almighty. No doubt Allah is The Perfect Creator.

Who is Al Khaaliq? 

Especially for the children, who are growing towards maturity such questions are obvious. Like who has created the sky and stars? The minds of children are very curious. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of parents and teachers to teach them right.

Undoubtedly Allah is the only Creator of everything you see and also what things that we don’t see. The 99 names of Allah teach us that there is no one but Allah as “Al Khaaliq – The Creator”. Everything He created here, gives the signs of His existence. To get a better understanding of Islam, teach your children the basic concept of Al Khaaliq at a ripe age.

Allah, The Only Creator, Al Khaaliq

In Quran, Allah has called himself eleven times as “The Creator” of everything. He created everything from nothing. If you want to strengthen your relationship with Allah, teach your children to ask Allah for anything they need. It is one of the prominent Names among the 99 names of Allah. If He intends to bless you with something nobody can stop it, and if He intends to restrain you from something nobody can give you that.

Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.

[Quran, 52:35-36]

Strengthen Your Bond With Al Khaaliq

Indeed there are signs for those who think about the creation of everything they see. 99 names of Allah make you remember about this fact of Al-Khaaliq.  So that you can turn yourself to Him for anything you need. Buy the digital frame that has the 99 names of Allah, for helping yourself out in remembering the facts. It is going to be very helpful for you on your path to goodness.

As-Sayyid – The Master – 99 Names of Allah

As Say-yid The Master

A mother is the first and the best master of a child at home. She is the one who teaches the child how to talk, how to eat, how to walk and do pretty much everything in life. The mother always keeps an eye on him. She also fulfills all the needs of her child. The child always seeks her help in every situation, as she is the only master at home. But when the child goes to the outside world, she cannot keep an eye on the child. The child is on his or her own self outside the home, and needs As-Sayyid (The Master) for guidance.

Who Is The Real Master?

When you grow up, you came across several other people in your life that can influence you. There is no best master who takes proper care of you, teaches you and guides you in the right direction. There is only Allah who serves as the best Master and the light in every matter of life. He is the only one who teaches us what is right and wrong and how to handle any situation.  He is the only One who teaches you the morals to follow throughout the life. So, you should recognize Him as the ultimate Master and seek His guidance in every matter of life.

Allah, The Ultimate As-Sayyid

Among the 99 names of Allah, this name “As Say-yid” which means ‘The Master’. It is established in the Sunnah:

he went with a delegation of Banu `Amir to the prophet of Allah (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam) and we said (to him): “You are our Sayyid (Master).” He (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam) replied : “As-Sayyid ( The Master ) is Allah, the Best and Exalted .”

As in the sunan of Abu Daawud, and authenticated by shaykh Albanee from the Hadith of Abdullaah ibn Shikhkheer (radhiyaAllahu anhu).

Others Names Of As-Sayyid

We have gathered all the 99 names of Allah in a digital frame, which are described in different Surahs of the Quran, Ahadees and Sunnah. You should visit our website and follow the instructions to get this digital frame. This frame lets you memorize the 99 Names of Allah very easily and lets you recognize their importance in the daily life.

An Naseer – The Ever Helping – 99 Names of Allah

Al Naseer The Ever Helping

Add Positivity In Life

We come across many situations in our daily life when something reminds us of something else in our past. It is human nature to develop relative remembrance of activities taking place all the time around us. You should add something in your life which will lead you towards positivity. No matter if situations are bitter or better, one should always seek The Ever Helping (An Naseer) to live a calm life. Islam is the religion of peace; it gives us the lesson of humanity. If we look at the 99 Names of Allah, we will come to know the various blessings, bestowed on us by Almighty Allah.  

Seek Assistance from An Naseer

Ups and downs are the part of everybody’s life. No one ever lives a perfect life. Everybody has their own story. The feeling of being hurt or broken sometimes leads to disappointment in life. In such a situation one finds negativity all around. Even if this situation persists for a long time, sometimes people hurt themselves as a result of finding no way out from a tough situation.

This is not what Islam teaches us. If we recall the blessings of Allah Almighty we will find no end to it. Like if we recall the 99 names of Allah, we will find His beautiful name “An-Naseer” which means “The Ever Helping”.  Allah will never leave you alone, in any case. Everybody leaves but He is the One who is always there for your help. Seek His assistance through learning the 99 names of Allah and He will never deny you.

An-Naseer explains in his Holy Book:

If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you; but if He should forsake you, who is there that can aid you after Him? And upon Allah let the believers rely

[Quran, 3:160]

Add Reminder In Your Life

Allah is An Naseer, the Ever Helping. Don’t fear people and situations because they can’t harm you. Put your trust in your Lord and see the positive effect. In doing so, we are here to help you out. See the digital frame with the 99 Names of Allah every day, so that it can remind you that you are not alone and helpless in the difficulties of life, because An Naseer is always there for you.